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The Oakland Aviation Museum is a small non-profit institution which relies a great deal on the efforts of its dedicated volunteers.  We are currently in need of a few sharp, outgoing individuals to help run our Museum Store, take admissions and generally help our visitors.  If you are mechanically inclined, you can provide value assistance in maintaining the museum's aircraft and infrastructure.  


If you are a student or maybe looking for a break from the job search grind one day a week and need something current to put on your resume, this may be an ideal opportunity for both you and the museum.


Open Cockpit Day Volunteer

Open Cockpit Days happen three times each year at OAM.  It takes several volunteers to pull these fun and exciting events off, and we could use your help.  We need people to man various stations, helping visitors get into and out of aircraft and simulators, covering for other volunteers and generally being Goodwill Ambassadors for the museum.


If you would like to be a part of these events and have a lot of fun doing it, follow the link below to our volunteer application form.


Volunteering at the Oakland Aviation Museum is a rewarding experience and we have many opportunities for a variety of interests. We're looking forward to working with you.


Visitor Services

Goal of position: handle monetary transactions for museum, welcome visitors.


Sample activities: greet visitors at door, process admissions and museum store purchases, light admin duties (e.g. answering phone, taking messages, assistance with store ordering and stocking).


Scheduling: during operating hours Wed – Sun, 10AM – 4PM


Worksite: Oakland Aviation Museum


Qualifications sought: basic office skills, able to handle money, operate a cash register, answer the telephone & take complete telephone messages, be friendly to the public, sell memberships


Aircraft Crew Personnel

Goal of Position: Maintain, clean and care for museum aircraft


Sample Activities: Wash planes, assist Crew Chief in moving aircraft on tarmac, restore planes as trained and directed by Crew Chief, assist in building exhibits for aircraft


Scheduling: During Open Hours Wed - Sundays 10AM - 4PM


Worksite: Oakland Aviation Museum


Qualifications Sought: Desire to help, willingness to learn, mobility/fitness a plus, Aircraft knowledge not necessary but very welcome


Collections & Artifacts Associate

Goal of Position: To provide curatorial support for the Museum's collecting activities


Sample Activities: Catalog incoming artifacts, record condition reports, number artifacts, prepare artifacts for exhibition


Scheduling: During open hours Wed – Sun, 10AM – 4PM


Worksite: Oakland Aviation Museum


Qualifications Sought: Computer skills, Detail oriented


Aircraft Restoration & Maintenance

Current Projects


A-6 Intruder

Upper wing and fuselage corrosion removal and painting.

A-4 Skyhawk

Wing corrosion removal and painting

Necessary Skills: Use of hand tools; power sander and angle grinder; surface prep for aluminum; basic painting.


Flight Simulator Maintenance & Engineering

Current Projects


F-102 Delta Dagger

Cockpit restoration: installation of flight instruments and controls. 


Necessary skills: Use of hand tools.

A-3 Skywarrior

Electrical / Electronic repair needed to make it a fully functioning interactive exhibit.


Necessary skills: Moderate to high level of electrical and/or electronics experience.

Link Trainer

Cockpit restoration: installation of flight instruments and controls. 


Necessary skills: Moderate to high level of electrical and/or electronics experience. Wood working experience and painting.


Exhibits & Displays

Current Projects


Conference Room

Create wall displays – subject open for discussion.

No special skills required.


U.S. Navy Room 

Assist with current renovation – model displays; wall displays; etc.

No special skills required.


Trans Ocean Room

Renovation – improve wall displays.

No special skills required.

F-84 Crash Scene

Adding finishing touches to the exhibit.

No special skills required.

Accountant Records

Historical Aircraft Manual Cataloger

Current Projects


Catalog current inventory of aircraft maintenance and data manuals. No special skills required.


Aircraft Parts Inventory Specialist

Current Projects


Identify & catalog aircraft parts inventory; clean instruments; tag instruments using data plates.

No special skills required.


Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance

Repair of interior and exterior structure as needed; external sign maintenance; managing tool inventory and maintenance shop supplies; etc.

Necessary skills: Experience with carpentry and painting, hand tools and power tools essential to perform required maintenance tasks: table saw, band saw, drill press, miter saw, etc.

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