8252 Earhart Rd, Oakland, CA 94621, USA

(510) 638-7100

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Board and Leadership

Experts You Can Count On

President of the Board

John Horton


Bob Jones

Crew Chief

Greg Ely


Glen Possley


Jim Geldert


Harald Mysner

V.P. of Marketing

Otto Wright

V.P. of Collections

Patti Thibodeau


John Van Geffen

Key Staff and Volunteers

Ian Wright:

Jeffrey Perkins Sr: 

Frank Wilson: 

Dale Widgay: 

Director of Operations

Maintenance Director

Aircraft Restoration & Painting

Ground Equipment Supervisor & Docent

Gayle Widgay:  

Ken Berg:

Bill Lippincott: 

Alan Grossman: 

Archive & Library 

Assistant Director 

Solent Mk 111 flying boat docent


Key Volunteers:

Bob McCarty 

John Franz

Jeff Whitney

Tina Wilson

Lyle La Faver

William Koumrian

Mike Restivo