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We Rely on Your Generosity

Your Gift Makes a Difference!

Please contribute to help the Oakland Aviation Museum meet its mission by making a donation today.

Historically, OAM has not received ongoing grant or program support from foundations or state or federal government agencies, but has at times received grants and program support from local municipalities such as the Port of Oakland.

This has created a greater need for direct community support of our efforts, and in these uncertain economic times it has also positioned the museum to weather these conditions without significant loss of income due to funding cuts.

In our ongoing efforts to build on this stable financial foundation, OAM has dedicated funds for General Operations and Capitol Improvements.

The combination of these funds provides for the short and long-term financial health of the Oakland Aviation Museum so that we may continue to meet our mission of providing an important look into the significant history of Oakland Airport.


On behalf of the Trustees, staff and volunteers at
Oakland Aviation Museum,
Thank You for your generous support.


Oakland Aviation Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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