Transocean Air Lines

The men and women of Transocean Air Lines helped make modern air transport possible for todays world.

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Many books have been written either about or involving the airline, its service or its people.

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Transocean Air Lines

At its height, the Transocean organization included 10 companies, making it the first aviation conglomerate.  The airline itself employed 2.200 persons.  Including the personnel of its subsidiary companies, the total number exceeded 6,700. Transocean’s gross annual sales climbed as high as 50 million dollars.

By April 1958, after 12 years of business, Transocean’s aircraft had flown a total of 1,290,966,900 passenger miles, 126,990,642 cargo ton-miles, and 66,828,237 aircraft miles – the equivalent of more than 135 round-trips to the moon!

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