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Learning Pod

STEM Programming

Flight In Motion # 1

Students will learn about the principles of flight, structural designs and different features as they identify individual aircraft components using worksheets, wooden aircraft, experiment with forces of flight and build balsa gliders.

Students will discuss basic functions of each part, including Engine, Wings, Fuselage, Horizontal/Vertical Stabilizers and Landing Gear.


This 45 minute program fee is $5, in addition to regular Museum admission.

Flight in Motion # 2 - Aerodynamics  K5-7

Objective: Students will learn about Newton’s third law of motion and explain how four key forces (Thrust, Drag, Lift, Weight) act on airplanes during flight.


Activity Overview: Start by demonstrating Newton’s third law of motion through the You’re a Pushover activity. Students then build their own wooden aircraft and learn about the forces act on airplanes in the air. They will then be instructed how to modify the four forces.


This 45 minute program is $5, in addition to normal Museum entry.

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