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Presidents Corner

The second quarter of this year has had quite a lot of activity. The Oakland Aviation Museum is becoming a setting of choice for organizations sponsoring events. The FAA had a well-attended event recognizing the Oakland Airport. The open cockpit day (occurring on Father’s Day each year) was a record. The European Train Enthusiast (ETE) displayed their train operation in a setting that was very impressive. The U.S. Naval Sea cadets color guard posted and retired the American flag with a very professional discipline and precision worthy of imitation. The Quad City Roller performance demonstrated skills that displayed a very high degree of training and practice. The Oakland Aviation Museum Amateur HAM operators club allowed people to actually hear other HAM operators from around the world. Food was provided by the Masonic Officers and members of Liberty Lodge 299 in Santa Clara. Last, but certainly not least, music was provided by the Friends of Ken band. One wedding reception took place and one couple flew to Oakland from Germany to have their wedding ceremony at the Oakland Aviation Museum. The Asian Pacific airline pilots association held a seminar on flying and maintenance opportunities. One dinner on the Flying Boat and several tours by students in connection with the STEM activity also kept us busy at the museum.

    Volunteers are always an asset to the museum. We have two fully operational flight simulators thanks to volunteers. Volunteers have started work on restoring the A-3 Skywarrior simulator and we have the A-6 Intruder flight simulator if anyone is interested. We also have a need for volunteers interested in becoming docents that can inform visitors of the historical significance of the artifacts on display. And, we are also in need of volunteers with skills and experience in aircraft maintenance. Please let us know if you are interested.

Best Regards, John Horton President, Oakland Aviation Museum Board of Trustees.

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