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First Open Cockpit Day of 2019 a Success

A big thanks to everyone that made Sundays Festivities a success

Not only was this Sunday St. Patrick's Day, but it was the first Open Cockpit Day of the 2019. Everyone came out dress head to toe in green to enjoy a beautiful day full of music, food, and most importantly planes!

The museum was all a bustle setting up for the day. Vintage cars were driving into the back lot from the Bay Area Thunderbird Owners Club. The Friends of Ken band was setting us as was the Masonic Lodge of Santa Clara. Emory Riddle set up an informational booth and Chabot Space and Science Center came with a number of hands on activities about wind power, the power of vacuums, and even astronaut training for the adventurous.

After a meeting with volunteers, the day kicked off with a salute and performance by the ROTC color guard. Hundreds of people were in attendance of the event and we are always to excited to bring you this one-of-a-kind event.

Don't forget to mark June 16, 2019 on your calendar to see whats in store for our next Open Cockpit Day!!

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