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If you’re using a Netgear Extender to extend your existing router’s WiFi network, then you must have been confused about how you can set up your Netgear extender online. Well, you aren’t the only one, most of the Netgear users end up having the same problem as they don’t know how to perform the Netgear Extender Setup using the

Generally, there are two methods that one can set up the Netgear extenders. First, use the Netgear app to set up the extender, or second, use the www mywifiext net login/setup. Both methods are easy to use, especially the second one. Not only you can use it to set up the extender but also you can use it to monitor your extender and make advanced changes to your extender online.

All you need to ensure that you follow all the www mywifiext net login/setup instructions carefully and finish the setup process. In case, you face any trouble while setting up the extender, feel free to reach our support team for help. We’re always here to help & guide you with your Netgear extender related-problems. Login Setup URL

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