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"What to Write About?": Finding Ideas for the Book

Association is the deliberate development of an idea along a chain, from a hooked image to the story idea itself.

For example, you watch an interesting adventure film. And the plot is so enticing that it triggers an unconscious process: what if I were a seeker? - What would I be looking for? - Who would get in my way and why? - What are the dangers? - Would there be love like in the movie? - And what adventures would start! That's it, you've got the story, essay writing serivce 3 hours built up by a random associative chain.

And the role of impetus, the trigger for an associative series can play anything: a beautiful image and favorite genre, and a random interesting phrase.

2. Situation is an idea based on the desire to convey (develop) a particular interesting situation. Or to express thoughts that have arisen again under the influence of the situation.

Often such ideas are based on personal experience, either real and life (autobiographical novels) or observational (purposeful collection of information on a particular topic). Situational also includes fanfic writing, where someone else's idea is recycled.

What to do if you don't know what to write a book about

Now let's talk about the first part of the article's title, "What to write about?" that is, the lack of ideas.

Frankly, science homework help such questions are perplexing. What does it mean "nothing to write about" when we are surrounded by an abyss of information, when we live in a vast and interesting world?

And although we have already figured out where we can get ideas, let's dig a little deeper into the manifestation of the mysterious "I don't know what to write about" syndrome.

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