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• Who We Are
The Oakland Aviation Museum (OAM) is an independent, nonprofit institution, created in 1985 to capture, preserve and share the incredibly rich, historic legacy of aviation in Oakland and the surrounding San Francisco Bay area, thriving on the support of our generous donors and sponsors. The Oakland Municipal Airport was considered the premier public aviation airport on the West Coast in “The Golden Age of Aviation.” In 1928, it was home to the Lindbergh opening ceremonies as well as the first transpacific flight from Oakland to Brisbane, Australia, by Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm in their Fokker Tri-Motor, the “Southern Cross.” In 1935, the legendary Amelia Earhart landed at Oakland Airport after her record solo flight across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii. Then, in 1937, she launched her two, solo round-the world attempts from Oakland, vanishing over the Pacific on the second flight, before returning to Oakland.

• Our Mission & Vision
Our Mission: “OAM exists to acquire, preserve and exhibit historically significant aircraft & aviation artifacts, providing the foundation for research and lifelong learning that inspire interest in Science, Technology and the Humanities.”

Companies and corporations are vital partners in achieving the OAM’s primary goal: “To become the foremost educational air museum in California.” Talk with us about how you can help empower our vision. We aim to be a powerful catalyst for introducing people to the world of flight in fun and enlightened ways, enhancing aviation and aerospace education, and connecting students with leaders in the aviation and high-tech industries in the Bay Area and beyond.

• Giving & Sponsorship Goals
The Museum seeks well-rounded partnerships of all sizes that offer dedicated, long-term sponsorship. Together we can serve and inspire the greater Oakland and Bay Area communities to ignite a passion for aviation through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education.

• Benefits
Associating with legendary aviation personalities and airplanes of the past and sponsoring future aviation events at the Oakland Airport can increase your organization’s visibility among important targeted demographics, show your support for the community and help the Museum fulfill its vision to become the foremost educational air museum on the West Coast. The Oakland Aviation Museum can be that unique venue you’ve been looking for to host private tours and special events, with our exciting and inspiring Oakland aviation history as a backdrop.

• Giving & Sponsorship Venue Opportunities
Whether individually or through a corporation, there are multiple ways you can contribute to the Oakland Aviation Museum, through sponsorship of specific events, exhibits, or general on-going support.

Events: The Museum hosts several unique events each year, welcoming hundreds of guests. Join in making future events like these a soaring success by supporting targeted Museum events. Here are just a few examples from recent years.

Yelp Elite events (2), each with over 300 guests; Kaiser Permanente events (2), each with over 100 guests; 2015 Amelia Rose Earhart round-the-world Reenactment Flight, with over 500 guests & Media; British Airways events (2), each with over 200 guests; Telegraph Media events (2), each with over 300 guests; and The Valor Games events (2), each with over 100 participants, bringing together disabled veterans and wounded, ill or injured service members, and engaging them in three days of Paralympic sport competition.

Exhibits: through targeted sponsorship, your company name can be on one of our future exhibits that may include aircraft and artifacts, such as “Lucky” Charles Lindbergh and his Oakland Municipal Airport Dedication Ceremony in 1928; the First Transpacific Flight of the Southern Cross in 1928; or the iconic aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her record Solo Flight across the Pacific and Round-The -World flights from Oakland in 1937!

We invite you to the Oakland Aviation Museum, meet the Board of Directors, and look forward to answering your questions and to working with you personally on a customized proposal that serves the unique goals of your organization. We aim to exceed your expectations at every step.

• You Can Become A Sponsor Today
The Museum Board and Operations Staff are open to new and unique sponsor ideas and opportunities. Contact the museum today to learn more about how you can become an OAM Sponsor. Oakland Aviation Museum, as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit institution, depends on the generosity of our visitors, supporters, and sponsors, to which we extend our greatest appreciation.

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