Carrier Landing Game-Oakland Aviation Museum (OAM)

Aircraft Carrier Landing Game

Test your skills on the Oakland Aviation Museum Aircraft Carrier Landing Game.



About the Game -
• The Carrier Skill game is the newest interactive exhibit in the museum.
• The game is based on the same game found at the main gallery of the British Columbia Aviation Museum (BCAM) located at the Victoria Airport on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.
• Built by Oakland Aviation Museum volunteers, the game took approximately 3 months to build, and is composed of wood, plastic and metal. All materials were procured from local hardware and home improvement stores as well as hobby material and supply merchants.


How to Play-
• Slide the plane up the steel cable and set the plane's tailhook on the small platform at the "cockpit" end of the game.
• Stand behind the "cockpit." grab the yoke, pull the yoke towards you until the plan starts to slide down the cable.
• Move the yoke forward or backward as necessary to catch one of the arresting cables.
• Pilots always attempt to catch the 1st arresting cable.
• When you're able to catch that 1st arresting cable - give a hearty shout so that your fellow pilots know that you succeeded.


Landing on an Aircraft Carrier - Landing on an aircraft carrier is one of the most difficult things a Navy Pilot will ever do. It requires skill and nerves of steel. For additional information on carrier landings click this link.