Aviation History Exhibits at Oakland Aviation Museum-Oakland Aviation Museum (OAM)

Aviation History Room

Aviation History Room Items of Interest
• Flight Suits     • Uniforms     • Aircraft Models by Era
• Posters     • Photos     • Navy Pilot Equipment

Oakland Aviation Museum showcases the history of aviation with an emphasis on Naval Aviation in the Aviation History Room.

The Aviation History Room is almost a museum in itself - displaying information, models and items relevant to historical timelines. Plan to spend some time in the Aviation History Room. Aircraft evolution is displayed in the many models divided by historical era.


Here you will see Navy pilot equipment and items that should excite both the young and old alike. You can touch the tail hook for an A-6.

Among the collections are original painting of aircraft carriers, the backbone of the modern Navy.

Specific Eras and Subjects in the Exhibit

1909 - 1941  Early Naval Aviation
1941 - 1945  World War II
1945 - 1964  Korea and The Jet Age
1964 - 1975  Vietnam and the Nuclear Navy

1912 - 1960  Marine Aviation
1960 -           Marine Aviation

Naval Aviation Total
1928 - 1961  Naval Air Station Oakland

1950 - 1979  USS Oriskini (CVA-34)

Light-than-Air Aviation   Helantisubron 872
Battle Flag - USS Lexington
F/A-18c Fuel and Avionics Systems Training Boards
1/98th Scaled Model USS Cabot  CVL-28 with Aircraft and Equipment
A-6 Tail Hook
Blue Angels - Navy Flight Demonstration Team