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8th Air Force

8th Air Force Collection Items of Interest
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The 8th Air Force and General James "Jimmy" Doolittle Exhibits are located in the same area so the visitor may experience a full appreciation for the collective nature of the items.

Oakland Aviation Museum is proud to display a collection of items of the 8th Air Force and General James "Jimmy" Doolittle.

The Eighth Bomber Command (re-designated 8th AF in February 1944) was activated as part of the U.S. Army Air Forces on January 28, 1942. Brigadier General Ira C. Eaker relocated the headquarters to England in February 1942 to prepare for its mission of conducting aerial bombardment missions against Nazi-occupied Europe.

During World War II, under the leadership of such Generals as Eaker and Jimmy Doolittle, the 8th AF became the greatest air armada in history. By mid-1944, the 8th AF had reached a total strength of more than 200,000 people. At its peak, the 8th AF had the ability to launch more than 2,000 four-engine bombers and 1,000 fighters on a single mission. For those reasons, the 8th AF became known as the "Mighty Eighth".

The Mighty Eighth compiled an impressive record during the war.
This achievement, however, carried a high price.
The 8th AF suffered one-half of the U.S. Army Air Forces’ casualties in World War II (47,000-plus casualties with more than 26,000 deaths).

Awards earned by personnel of 8th Air Force
  • 17 Medals of Honor
  • 220 Distinguished Service Crosses
  • 850 Silver Stars
  • 7,000 Purple Hearts
  • 46,000 Air Medals
Many more uncounted awards were presented to 8th AF veterans after the war. There were 261 fighter aces and 305 gunner aces in the Eighth in World War II; 31 of those fighter aces exceeded 15 or more aircraft kills.

In July 1945, after the war in Europe, 8th AF headquarters moved to Okinawa, where it trained new bomber groups for combat against Japan. The Japanesesurrendered before the 8th AF saw action in the Pacific Theater. In June 1946, the headquarters moved to McDill Field, Florida, to become part of the newly established Strategic Air Command. Four years later; November 1950, the 8th AF headquarters transferred to Fort Worth Army Field (later Carswell Air Force Base) in Texas.
(As of 1 Jan. 1945)


1st Combat Wing

   91st BG--Sqdns: 322nd. 323rd, 324th, 401st—Bassingbourne--Triangle A
   381st BG--Sqdns: 532nd, 533rd, 535th, 536th—Ridgewell--Triangle L
   398th BG--Sqdns 600th, 601st, 602nd, 603rd—Nuthampstead--Triangle W
40th Combat Wing
   92nd BG--Sqdns: 325th, 326th, 327th, 407th—Podington--Triangle B
   305th BG--Sqdns: 364th, 365th, 366th, 422nd—Chelveston--Triangle G
   306th BG--Sqdns: 367th, 368th, 369th, 423rd—Thurleigh--Triangle H
41st Combat Wing
   303rd BG B Sqdns: 358th, 359th 360th, 427th--Molesworth C Triangle C
   379th BG B Sqdns: 524th, 525th, 526th, 527th--Kimbolton C Triangle K
   384th BG B Sqdns: 544th, 545th, 546th, 547th--Grafton-Underwood ─ Triangle P
94th Combat Wing
   351st BG--Sqdns: 508th, 509th, 510th, 511th—Polebrook--Triangle J
   401st BG--Sqdns: 612th, 613th, 614th, 615th--Deenethorpe--Triangle S
   457th BG--Sqdns: 748th, 749th, 750th, 751st—Glatton--Triangle U


67th Fighter Wing
   20th FG – Sqdns: 55th, 77th, 79th — Kings Cliffe
   352nd FG – Sqdns: 328th, 486th, 487th — Bodney (Asch & Chievres (Dec 44 – Apr 45))
   356th FG – Sqdns: 359th, 360th, 361st — Martlesham Heath
   359th FG – Sqdns: 368th, 369th, 379th — East Wretham
   364th FG – Sqdns: 383rd, 384th, 385th — Honington
   495th FG – Sqdns: 551st, 552nd (Training) — Atcham, Cheddington


2nd Combat Wing
   389th BG -- Sqdns: 564th, 565th, 566th, 567th -- Hethel
   445th BG -- Sqdns: 700th, 701st, 702nd, 703rd -- Tibenham
   453rd BG -- Sqdns: 732nd, 733rd, 734th, 735th -- Old Buckenham
14th Combat Wing
   44th BG -- Sqdns: 66th, 67th, 68th, 506th -- Shipdham
   392nd BG -- Sqdns: 576th, 577th, 578th, 579th -- Wendling
   491st BG -- Sqdns: 852nd, 853rd, 854th, 855th -- North Pickenham
   492nd BG -- Sqdns: 856th, 857th, 858th, 859th -- North Pickenham (until 11/44)
28th Combat Wing
   93rd BG -- Sqdns: 328th, 329th, 330th, 409th -- Hardwick
   446th BG -- Sqdns: 704th, 705th,706th, 707th -- Bungay
   448th BG -- Sqdns: 712th, 713th, 714th, 715th -- Seething
   489th BG -- Sqdns: 844th, 845th, 846th, 847th -- Halesworth (until 11/44)
96th CombatWing
   458th BG -- Sqdns: 752nd, 753rd, 754th, 755th -- Horsham St. Faiths
   466th BG -- Sqdns: 784th, 785th, 786th, 787th -- Attlebridge
   467th BG -- Sqdns: 788th, 789th, 789th, 781st -- Rackheath

THIRD AIR DIVISION -- All B-17(after Aug. 1944)

4th Combat Wing
   94th BG--Sqdns: 331rd, 332nd, 333rd, 410th -- Bury St. Edmunds -- Square A
   447th BG – Sqdns: 708th, 709th, 710th, 711th ---Rattlesden -- Square K
   486th BG – Sqdns: 832nd, 833rd, 834th, 835th --- Sudbury -- Square W
   487th BG – Sqdns: 836th, 837th, 838th, 839th --- Lavenham -- Square P

13th Combat Wing
   95th BG – Sqdns: 334th , 335th , 336th, 412th --- Horham -- Square B
   100th BG – Sqdns: 349th, 350th, 351st, 418th --- Thorpe Abbots -- Square D
   390th BG – Sqdns: 568th, 569th, 570th, 571st --- Framlingham -- Square J
45th Combat Wing
   96th BG – Sqdns: 337th, 338th, 339th, 413th --- Snetterton Heath -- Square C
   388th BG – Sqdns: 561st, 562nd, 563rd, 564th --- Knettishall -- Square H
   452nd BG – Sqdns: 728th, 729th, 730th, 731st --- Deopham Green -- Square L
93rd Combat Wing
   34th BG – Sqdns: 4th, 7th, 18th, 391st --- Mendlesham -- Square S
   385th BG – Sqdns: 548th, 549th, 550th, 551st -- Great Ashfield - Square G(some).
   490th BG – Sqdns: 848th, 849th, 850th, 851st --- Eye -- Square T
   493rd BG – Sqdns: 860th, 861st, 862nd, 863rd --- Debach -- Square X


66th Fighter Wing
   55th FG – Sqdns: 38th, 338th, 343rd — Nuthampstead (16 Sep 43 - 16 Apr 44)
                                                                   Wormingford (15 Apr 44 - 21 Jul 45)
   78th FG – Sqdns: 82nd, 83rd, 84th — Goxhill (1 Dec 42 - 3 Apr 43)
                                                                Duxford (3 Apr 43 - 10 Oct 45)
   339th FG – Sqdns: 503rd, 504th 505th — Fowlmere
   353rd FG – Sqdns: 350th, 351st, 352th — Goxhill (7 Jun 43 - 3 Aug 43)
                                                                       Metfield (3 Aug 43 - 12 Apr 44)
   357th FG – Sqdns: 362nd, 363rd, 364th — Raydon (30 Nov 43 - 31 Jan 44)
                                                                        Raydon (12 Apr 44 - 10 Oct 45)
                                                                        Leiston (31 Jan 44 - 8 Jul 45)


   7th PhotoRecon Group – Sqdns: 13th, 14th, 22nd, 27th Photographic Sqdns.—
      Chalgrove, Hitcham
   Spec. Operations Group - Carpetbaggers - Sqdns: 36th ("Deception Sqdn."), 406th,
   788th, 850th.
   Designated 801 BG 28 Mar 44, Redesignated 492nd BG 11 Aug 44. Watton, Harrington


65th Fighter Wing
   4th FG -- Sqdns: 334th, 335th , 336th -- Debden
   56th FG -- Sqdns: 61st, 62nd, 63rd -- Halesworth (3 Jul 43 -- 5 Apr 44)
                                                               Boxted (18 Apr 44 -- 9 Sep 45)
   355th FG -- Sqdns: 354th, 357th, 358th -- Steeple Morden
   361th FG -- Sqdns: 374th, 375th, 376th -- Bottisham (30 Nov 43 -- 25 Sep 44)
                                                             Little Walden (26 Sep 44 -- 4 Feb 45, 9 Apr 45 -- 3 Nov 45)
                                                             St. Dizier (25 Dec 44 -- 15 Feb 45)
                                                             Chievres (15 Feb 45 -- 9 Apr 45)
   479th FG -- Sqdns: 434th, 435th, 436th -- Wattisham
   496th FG -- Sqdns: 554th, 555th (Training) -- Goxhill, Halesworth

   AD Air Division
   BG Bomb Group (H) (heavy)
   CBW Combat Wing
   FG Fighter Group
   Sqdn Squadron